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1. This document is proof that a sponsor or family member is authorized to apply for a no-fee passport. It is used in lieu of, or in addition to, official orders as authority for DoS, to issue a no-fee passport. This form is used by both DoS and DOD Passport Matters and is vital to the smooth processing of passport and visa applications. A DD Form 1056, one original and three copies, must accompany all no-fee passport and visa requests, including amendments, corrections, extensions, and revalidations by DoS. Passport applications received which have an incomplete or incorrectly completed DD Form 1056 will be placed in suspense and a discrepancy memorandum sent back to the agent pending corrective action, resulting in delayed processing. In cases where the passport is mission essential and time critical, corrections will be made, and agents will be notified. See example of a completed DD Form 1056.

(NOTE: The short form of the DD Form 1056 is going to be phased out, please use the long form.) (Ref: DoD 1000.21-R, Chapter 2, page 2-9, para C3)

2. Use of the Air Force Electronic Publishing Library is highly encouraged to ease passport application processing. Using Delrina Perform Pro or Delrina Form Flow forms software and a laser printer, you can print out error-free DD Forms 1056. This is an outstanding product that reduces the need for corrections and carbons. (NOTE: This form can also be downloaded from the Air Force Pubs home page.)

2.a. Type ALL entries, except signature in item 16f. Insure ALL copies of the DD Form 1056 are legible and corrections are made on ALL copies. Department of State prefers that you sign the DD Form 1056 using blue ink.

2.b. Enter all dates using the military date format. Write the month as a three-letter abbreviation, DD/MMM/YY (example - 5 FEB 86).

2.c. Item 1: The date entered here should be 10 workdays prior to scheduled port call/departure from the installation/duty station, item 14. This will prevent members from departing the installation WITHOUT the necessary travel documents. Allowing members to depart the installation/duty station without these documents could cause severe hardship (financial and otherwise) to the member and/or family members. We cannot process your applications if dates have already lapsed.

2.d. Item 2: Enter the abbreviation for the major service component sponsoring the travel. For example: Air Force (USAF), Army (USA), Navy (USN), Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), or other applicable DoD agency.

2.e. Item 3: Enter applicant's full name (Last, First, and Middle). When initiating applications for more than one family member, forms should be numbered as 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc., so they can be processed together.

2.f. Item 4: Enter applicant's date of birth (Ref: para 2b above).

2.g.Item 5: Enter city and state if born in the US. If born outside the US, enter country of birth.

2.h. Item 6: If the applicant is a family member, enter the sponsor's name; otherwise place an "X" in the block.

2.i. Item 7: Enter the sponsor's military rank/civilian grade (CAPT/O-3, SSGT/E-5, GS-12) (NOTE: For AFOSI agents, type in "OSI Special Agent" and either "(Mil)" or "(Civ)" (Ref: Chap 2, page 2-1, para of this handout).)

2.j. Item 8: Enter the sponsor's Social Security Number.

2.k. Item 9: Enter the complete address, including "in care of" information and commercial telephone numbers, where the applicant may be reached.

2.l. Item 10: Enter the complete address--if it applies. YOU MUST ENTER YOUR AGENT ID CODE AND DSN WORK PHONE NUMBER IN ITEM 10D! (see example)

2.m. Item 11:

2.m.(1) Enter the name of the country or countries requiring a passport to which the applicant is traveling in the order they are being traveled to. Indicate stopover countries where passport and visas are required. Do NOT use APO, name of installation, or city. Country/countries listed must require a passport or passport and visa as verified by the FCG.

2.m.(2) Destination country will only be omitted if directed by DoS or in conjunction with use of a special assignment designation code assigned by the DoS as coordinated by DOD Passport Matters.

2.m.(3) DoS policy states that there are no "classified" countries, only classified final destinations. If you don't project a destination country, you won't be issued a passport.

2.n. Item 12:

2.n.(1) If designated by DoS enter the name of the special assignment designation, otherwise state "N/A".

2.n.(2) If assignment is to an Attaché, MAAG, JUSMMAT, OMC, OSP, Security Assistance Liaison, Foreign Area Office (FAO), or other special advisory group (for example, CENTO) that will govern type and need for a passport, enter that information. It is very important that this information be included so that a proper determination on the type of passport needed can be made. These are Diplomatic requests and require orders or a message for authority to issue the passport. Also, annotate "DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT REQUIRED" in Item 17.

2.o. Item 13: Enter the complete military address, to include building and room number, to which the passport is to be sent when completed. This will normally be the address of the MPF or CPO passport agent office (include office symbol) which accepted the application.

2.o.(1) If the address entered is an alternate address, other than the passport agent's mailing address, be sure to highlight the address; otherwise, we'll send it to the passport agent's mailing address.

2.o.(2) If the applicant wants to pickup the passport from DOD Passport Matters, Item 13 should read, "HOLD FOR PICKUP AT DOD Passport Matters." Also, include a point of contact and local telephone number.

2.p. Item 14: Enter the port call/departure (requested or confirmed). This is the date that the applicant actually leaves the US for his/her overseas assignment/TDY, NOT the date he/she is out-processing to take leave prior to going overseas/TDY. If departure date changes, a new DD Form 1056 MUST be submitted (refer to para "v" below). We cannot process your application if dates have already lapsed.

2.q. Item 15: Enter proposed length of stay.

2.r. Item 16: Enter the complete address, including office symbol, city, and state of the authorizing official. The authorizing official must sign the DD Form 1056 or it will be rejected by DoS. Applicants and/or sponsors may NOT sign their own DD Form 1056.

2.s. Item 17: Enter any additional information needed to obtain the passport or visa. Clearly indicate "VISA REQUIRED", "VISA NOT REQUIRED", or "VISA WILL BE OBTAINED AT A LATER DATE".

2.s.(1) You must always list the EXACT PURPOSE of the trip, no matter what.

2.s.(2) If "VISA REQUIRED" is used, submit the appropriate visa application(s) and photo(s), if required.

(NOTE: If a visa is required, you should visit DOD Passport Matters for current visa requirements. Visa requirements change frequently and certain countries require travel information, visa applications, and/or additional passport photos. Simply stating "VISA REQUIRED" is never sufficient to secure a visa for the applicant. You will also need a minimum of six (6) (in some instances nine (9)) months' validity in a passport).

2.s.(3) If additional space is required, enter "SEE CONTINUATION SHEET" and type the remaining information in a "REMARKS SECTION" on a blank sheet of paper.

2.s.(4) If the destination country requires travel and/or duty related information you must provide it, we can't obtain the visa if you don't provide the necessary data (i.e., Marital Status, Religious Preference, Port of Entry, etc.)

2.t. If the applicant is going PCS/TDY to a location that does not require a passport; however, once at his/her PCS/TDY location will be traveling to a country that will require a passport, then enter this statement, "THIS APPLICANT WILL BE TRAVELING IN A TDY STATUS TO THE FOLLOWING COUNTRY AFTER ARRIVAL IN THE PCS/TDY LOCATION:". Then list the country(ies) the applicant will be traveling to.

2.u. Passport agents MUST retain a copy of the DD Form 1056 as a record of application to suspense and record inquiry actions taken.

2.v. If the date of departure or destination changes, submit a new DD Form 1056 with correct dates and/or destinations. Type "CORRECTED COPY" and specify what information changed in Item 17.

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