Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Important Notices


Agents, Applicants, Sponsors and Commands, please be advised the processing of Italian Visas is delayed and the Italian Embassies in the United States are processing in limited batches. This is causing significant delays in receipt of visas to accomplish travel from the U.S. to Italy for personnel under DoD movement orders.  Agents are advised to review Passport Matters for visa processing instructions and to utilize Italian Consulates in agent’s geographical area when available. Please ensure the use of correct applications for the area as designated and forward the visa requests appropriately.  

Italian applications which have been forwarded to Fort Belvoir Passport and Visa Office for processing are delayed approximately 90 days and will be processed based on initial departure dates provided on the applicants visa application.  Return of the visas once delivered to the Embassy is approximately 4 weeks.  There is no expedite process in obtaining the visa and we will continue to rely on the Embassies capabilities during the current circumstances.  

Members requiring status on submission and anticipated return dates must contact their DoD agent and request a status check be provided to the following point of contact directly, Chief Passport and Visa Branch: Edmund.T.Snead.Civ@mail.mil

Your email must be formatted as follows to avoid further delay in response:

SUBJ:  Italy_Visa_ Status _2020

The text of the email must contain each applicant's name and DOB applying for the Italian visa.   You will be provided with an anticipated processing time line.
Alert Date: 07/01/2020 | Expired Date: 10/01/2020

Document dated May 22, 2020; SECRETARY OF DEFENSE memorandum, Travel Restrictions is in effect and cancels April 20, 2020 memorandum reissuing travel restriction guidance for DoD components that will remain in effect until further notice.


As of 01 July 2020:


Submission Guidance:

Military personnel, Government Civilians, and command-sponsored dependents on PCS orders to OCONUS locations who require a Special issuance passport (no-fee) per the foreign clearance guide will submit their passport applications to local DoD passport acceptance facility no earlier than 90 days and no later than 60 days from OCONUS departure date.  If visa is required the passport application will be submitted no earlier than 120 days and no later than 80 days prior to departure date.  Acceptance facilities will enforce submission timeframes.  Failure to do so may result in command-sponsored dependents traveling separately from their sponsor.  Foreign clearance guide can be found at HTTPS://WWW.FCG.PENTAGON.MIL/FCG.CFM.

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