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Passport Status Checks (DoS)

Inquiry Procedures For Passport Agents

Passport and Visa Status Checks can only be requested by the originating certified passport agent.   See Submit Request for Status Check for detail information and submission instructions.

Status checks should begin ten (10) business days prior to the departure date (block 14 on your DD Form 1056).   If signature is required and multiple visas (three or more) start your status fifteen (15) business days prior to departure date (block 14 on your DD Form 1056).  The turn around time to answer status checks is two (2) business days.  See Understanding Inquiry Results for more information.

Please remember to do inquiries in a reasonable time allowing for receipt of mailed documents according to the manner in which it was mailed (ie., Fed Ex - 3 business days; Regular Mail - 5-10 business days; Certified Mail takes longer).  This timeframe is approximate and time must be allowed for opening, assembling, and data entering of mail into the system.

To address problem cases, please do so at the end of the inquiry after the status code.

How to Submit Request for Status Check

Alert: Proper Format Required

Status Checks:

For Passport and Visa Inquiries E-Mail DOD Passport Matters. (Subject line, Write "Status Check" or "Visa Check")

Phone: 703-545-0003/0004; DSN 865-0003/0004.

1.   Alphabetical order.
2.   Double space between names.
3.   Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY
4.   Applicant's SSN without spaces or dashes
           * - Use Sponsor's SSN for Visa ONLY (VO)
5.  Include your Passport Agent ID Code, phone number, DSN, and fax number on all requests.
6.   Only five (5) names per status check request.

Visa (VO)
Passport Only (PO)

Sample Inquiry
DOE, John 07/11/1973 000000000 PO 5/18/2006
DOE, Jane 04/04/1923 000000000 VO 5/18/2006

How to understand the Inquiry Results

State Department process applications in steps. These Steps for Passport Application processing are as follows:
1. Mail Open
2. Image Capture
3. Image Review
4. Date Entry
5. Name Check
6. Adjudication
7. Signature Response
8. Book Print
9. Quality Control  (QC)

Average time per step is 5 Business Days.    In some case, Adjudication has taken up to 15 days by itself.     There is no hard fast rule... this is just an estimate.  Please wait 7-10 business days after QC date of status for delivery.  If you have not received your passport by then, please contact DOD Passport Matters.  DOD Passport Matters has no control over State Department's Timeframe to return documents.


The following are Passport Problems that require attention by the passport agent and applicant.

General Exception
Image Exception
Hold Exception

In most cases, the "Exception" or passport application problem will be detailed in a letter sent to the applicant by State Department within 45 Days of the application being placed in the "Exception or Abandon " Category.

Passports applications that were abandoned, will be required to re-submit new application. Member's documents may or may not be returned by the State Department.  Passport Matters has no control over State's Timeframe to return documents or decision to abandon.

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