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Electronic Passport Application via State Department's official web site.
Important Notices

One Transmittal equals 20 or less applicants per page:

If a DoD agent has less than 20 applications and they are generating a transmittal, the form will generate correctly (1-20)

However, if the DoD agent is creating a transmittal for more than 20 applications the system is unable to compile the second page, (21 - 40) and will corrupt the entire set.  Agents will then need to use a manual DS-7691 transmittal for shipping which can be located on Passport matters under

-          Note: If the agent selected the correct delivery (DOS or PSD) each application will be in the correct status.

The current fix is that the agent must work in steps within VPAS by selecting 20 or less applications in VPAS creating the necessary transmittal from VPAS, then they must return to the create option and select the additional applications and create generate for a new transmittal including all applicants exceeding 20 applicants.

-          1-20 applications

-          21-40 applications (this will still list on the transmittal as 1-20)

-          41-60 applications (this will still list on the transmittal as 1-20)

Base Line, the agent is only able to create 1 transmittal of 20 or less applicants and must create multiple transmittals to list and account for any additional applicants. 

If there are any questions, please contact the Customer Service Team. 


NOTICE: VPAS and Passport Matters outages have ended, as the updates have been accomplished.  Passport Agents are now clear to resume all activities on Passport Matters and VPAS. If you have any questions please contact our customer support team for more information.


In the event of a Government shutdown, the Passport Services Division will operate in a “reduced” capacity.  For emergencies, please contact Customer Service at 703-545-0003/0004.  The Special Issuance Agency will be fully operational.

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Mail Visa Applications To:
DoD Passport and Visa Office
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(703) 545-0003/0004
Mail Passport Applications To:
U.S. Department of State
Passport Services
Special Issuance Agency (CA/PPT/SIA)
Lockbox Processing Center
500 White Clay Center Dr.
Box 90117
Newark, DE 19711
Note: All passport and visa documents must be sent by traceable delivery!
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