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New View, New Feel, New Upgrades

Please continue to distribute the Next Generation passport as normal.

SUBJECT:  Special Issuance Reimbursement and Next Generation Passports

• Special issuance passport (SIP):
A special issuance passport is defined as a diplomatic, official, service, or no-fee regular passport which is issued to an individual traveling abroad to carry out duties on behalf of the U.S. government.  This can also apply to that individual’s eligible family member. 

• Reimbursement charge is the same for all special issuance passport applications:
A reimbursement will be assessed for each special issuance passport application submitted for DoD sponsor and eligible family members accompanying employees abroad.  DoD Agent must continue to validate the bona fide need and requirement for a special issuance passport.

• Next Generation Passport Program (NGP):
The NGP stands for the Next Generation Passport, launched in Oct 2020, starting at the Special Issuance Agency (SIA) in Washington, D.C.   PSD Fort Belvoir began seeing the new passport 29 Mar 2021. Differences between the NGP and the ePassport book are the visible change a polycarbonate data, visa pages have also been updated and showcase new imagery of United States architecture, history and traditions.  New books will also receive an alphanumeric passport number in place of the previous numeric passport number.

• Enhanced security features included in the NGP:
Perforated passport number through the entire passport, enhanced security, improved stitching.  Equipment upgrade able to produce more books in a shorter amount of time producing over 100 to 500 books base on model. 


The notification below is from the Executive Deputy to the Commanding General Installation Management Command and DoD Executive Agent for DoD Passports and Passport Services.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I want to provide you an update on current measures in place as we continue processing passport and visa applications in a COVID-19 environment.
We have received several requests allowing organizations the ability to process passports directly with the Special Issuance Agency  (SIA) as done in the pre-COVID environment.  I discussed this matter with the Director, SIA this morning and she confirmed the Department of State (DOS) is not ready to resume unrestricted access at this time.  The SIA continues to limit access to their front counter/passport application acceptance window.
To assist, in collaboration with DOS, we developed a time-phased approach to processing applications for special issuance (or “no fee”) passports and visas.  These procedures apply to service members, DoD civilians, and their dependents in connection with permanent changes of station.  Our goal has and continues to be getting passports and visas to these travelers by the date they are needed. 
As we move into the summer months and the high PCS rotation cycle, we anticipate a few COVID related challenges to processing passports and visas.  We are posturing for this and should meet all of your requirements.  To ensure passports for the DoD Community are processed in a timely manner, for DoD, only couriers from Passport Services Division (PSD) are authorized to pick-up/deliver passports directly with SIA.  Applicants scheduled to depart in 10 days or less should contact PSD at (703) 545-0003, as soon as possible, for assistance. 
Request you continue to relay, throughout your departments, the importance of getting passport applications in the que as soon as possible so we can meet your travel timeline.  Our staff will continue coordination with SIA and do everything possible to meet your requirements.

Update on Europe Travel.
Italy and Germany have recently experienced a rise in COVID positives and have put some significant restrictions in place for businesses and activities.

We spoke with Foreign Clearance Guide personnel this morning--they confirmed everything posted to the Foreign Clearance Guide and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website is the most current.  They have agreed to follow up with USDAO Berlin to see if any additional changes/restrictions will be made.  If there are any new changes they will notify PSD and notices will be posted to the Passport Matters Website and the Foreign Clearance Guide.

Reference travel to Italy:
Travelers to Italy must go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and download the Self-Declaration form.  The form must be completed by the traveler and then presented to the Airline at time of travel.  All of this information can be found on the Passport Matters Website which contains links to the Foreign Clearance Guide and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
Passport Matters: https://passportmatters.army.mil/
FCG Germany: https://www.fcg.pentagon.mil/docs/gm.cfm

Reference travel to Germany: 
Travelers to Germany must review the travel restrictions and types of exemptions found in the Foreign Clearance Guide.  The biggest item travelers will need to focus on is the pre-travel registration requirement. 
FCG Italy: https://www.fcg.pentagon.mil/docs/it.cfm
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Italy: https://www.esteri.it/mae/en/ministero/normativaonline/decreto-iorestoacasa-domande-frequenti/focus-cittadini-italiani-in-rientro-dall-estero-e-cittadini-stranieri-in-italia.html

I hope this is helpful information that can be disseminated to your teams. 


J. Randall Robinson
Executive Deputy to the Commanding General
  Installation Management Command and
DoD Executive Agent for DoD Passports
  and Passport Services

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Please let us know if you have any questions. Reach out to our customer service team


Customer Service: usarmy.pentagon.hqda-oaa-det.mbx.det-ppv-customer-service@mail.mil


As of Feb 9, 2021, Passport Matters updated the application for Italy. Any old applications received after Feb 19, 2021 will either be rejected and returned to agent or a new application will be requested before continuing the visa process.

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